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Kyle's Fan Page

"Kyle's whole week is geared towards Saturday at the Bullring"


Hi my Name is Kyle. My favorite thing is racing, I love to watch Nascar races, and my dad takes me out to the Bullring at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas. The races are cool, and last all evening and then we go in the pits and I get to meet the drivers.

I have been a Nascar fan for about three years, my favorite driver is Jeff Burton. I am sad he is not doing so wel this year, but watch him next year, he will be kicking some..! I am happy our Kurt Busch has made into the big time and I wish him lots of luck, it makes me proud.

I have met many driver at the Bullring and I call many my friends, at the track I root for them. Go Jason Allen, go Joey Mogar, go Kyle Busch, go Spencer Clark, go everyone join me at the track and root for all your favorites



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Kyle and driver of the #38 late model car Scott "the Wizard" Gafforini. in 2000 Scotty was a contender for the seasons championship points, but Dick Cobb reigned. I rooted for Scott he is very friendly. Gafforini is not racing this season, he has his hopes set on the southwest tour.



Kyle and Spec truck driver Thane Alderman

"In 2000 this Pokemon Pikachu car was popular with the Kids fans, however it failed to perform and had trouble qualifying for many of the events. The car was way cool! Ther was a Superman car too at one time," says Kyle:" The paint schemes are not as brilliant as at the Nascar races because many of the drivers at the Bullring don't have the big sponsors.But it would be nice to see some bright colors or decals."


" I love to go to the Bullring, my friends are there, and I have been able to get some need stuff.besides all the autographs I have collected I also have a sheetmetal doorpanel of the #70 car driven by the the great Chuck Trickle. Also chunks from Mike Ayers, Scott Gafforini,Sam Crow and Fabian Bray. Every race they give lottery tickets for a drawing for the junior race fan, I keep wishing they pick me. Sometimes they let people drive in the cars with the drivers. That would be way cool. Last race I won a limited edition collectible Dale Earnhardt pedal car bank. I always have a great time with my dad, we come early keep score of the qualifying times and winners and than my dad writes a story the next day."

Hope to see you at the Track!