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August 4th, 2001

It may get tiresome to those who pretend not to be amazed by the feats of young Kyle Busch to keep hearing people talking about this driver. There are plenty of people unforgiving for some of the things, moves and bad decisions that Kyle or his parents may have made. The fact that Kyle keeps winning and as brother of Kurt Busch the lime light remains on this young driver and therefore like many Hollywood celebrities he becomes the target of bad vibes on message boards and a divided audience at the track. The drivers dont seem to have a problem with Kyle, they know to forgive, they know when a great driver is on his way up. They come to him for information on set ups and how to find the right groove. From every division they come to him, and Kyle courteously replies to their request not sure what he is doing right, but doing it right he does. With the consistent help of his father Tom Busch, Jerry Spillsbury, and a dependable crew he is on his way to the big time.

He did not disappoint this weekend. First he put a smile on his brother Kurt and his boss Jack Roush. Roush had invited Kyle to test one of the Craftsman Trucks, the 16-year old impressed the straw-headed Roush then. And Jack Roush put Kyle Busch in one of his trucks this weekend at Indianapolis, and again he impressed Jack Roush by finishing in 9th spot in his first Craftsman Truck race. Then return home early Saturday morning and qualifying fastest for the Late Model race and win it, and also park his Legend car in a third place finish. The defending Legend champ of the Bullring is close enough to capture the championship again, although Spencer Clark is a tough man to beat. But it is obvious Kyle has his eye set on the bigger cars or even the trucks. Since celebrating his birthday in May he has won six late model races, anyone wants to argue his talent they are fooling themselves.

So without a doubt it was Kyles night once more, he drove hard and nothing was more impressive as when driving in second place behind Spencer Clark he avoided lap traffic and an accident on the front stretch by swerving all over the track trying to avoid cars. Just an amazing move that shows the talent of this driver, he is without a doubt better than his brother Kurt, the move cost him his second place, as Spencers dad T.J Clark to a clear route around the lapped traffic. But enough about Kyle, and lets bring focus to the events at the Bullring. The accidents this week took tow more upside down and fiery victims as the trend continued from two weeks ago. One accident in the Bandoleros send Hayli Rochelle in a roll as she was broad-sided by Shelby Bailey. The two young female drivers emerged from their cars unharmed but it was a scary moment as the drivers in this series are between 8 and 13. The other car involved in the accident was Justin Waters who caused the pile up when he spun out coming out of turn 1. The Bandoleros two main contenders in the points Alex Haase and Joey Mogar battled back and forth but Mogar took his first Saturday night win after loosing many opportunities to Alex Haase but winning on Friday Night national points races. The other major accident involved the 36 Outlaw Stock of Dan Henderson. He lost a right front tire and plowed into the wall as his engine compartment exploded into a ball of fire trailing over the car as it slipped down the track to come to rest into the tire barrier just inside turn three. Henderson purchased the car from former track competitor Don Williams (formerly no.6). Chris Bray (29) was a little anxious in the Outlaws as he turned the 77 of John Chaffin around. Chaffin took his exit of the track but then returned to take his vengeance he chased the 29 and managed to return the favor spinning the 29, both cars received the black flag. Glenn Burke (96w) took in his seventh win this season.

Travis Swalwell had a terrible day as well, as he was involved in three crashes. Travis first crash came as he was collected by a car involving the #3 of Tom Youmans and the #30 of Don Sargent, then later he drove into Dan Schools and finally he received the Coup de Grace by spinning coming out of turn four. Swalwell and several others are some of the cars that compete both in the Outlaw Stocks and the Charger divisions. By the end of the night his car could also be mistaken for a modified. Talking about Swalwell and Modifieds. Travis dad Randy was a no show at the race as he was in Chicagoland with his employer Richard Petty driving experience. Randy is the lead driving instructor, but also a very competitive driver in the modified series here at the Bullring. He won the championship in 1998 and has been a steady contender in the points chase this year. Travis explained in an afternoon exhibit of race cars at the 7/11 at Craig and Las Vegas Boulevard that his dad was pulling a Dick Cobb. Meaning he would sit out a few races as a protest to the way the Bullring is handling some things. Two weeks ago Randy Spun his 98 car cutting a tire. The safety crews pulled his car to the infield instead of the usual transportation to the pits. This prevented Randy to work on his car and getting it ready for the first of the twin races. He finished second after Fabian Bray (Jerry Walton who physically won both mains was disqualified after the race). Jerry Walton was missing in action as well, also missing in the Modified starts were the 13 of Sonny Wahl who destroyed his car in the accident with Dan Fitzgerald, Greg Allbright(55), Greg Haase(66) who competed in the Legends and Jim Petrie(1) who is trying to sell his ride.

Doug Hamm took another win in the Modifieds, but it was the #25 of Larry Gerchman who was the one to beat. Unfortunately he was collected in a crash as the 81 of Glenn Davis spun in front of the leaders and took out both Gerchman and #29 Fabian Bray (who is going back to his color scheme of last year), also collected was Wayne Jacks in the #89 mod. Dan Fitzgerald was able to get his car back in shape after the trip on his roof the previous race, he also improved on the look as his car looks smashing with some intricate decal work by Charlie Wahl Stick it Vinyl company. Charlie designs the graphics on a computer and then the decals get cut, he is a talented young man who has his mind set on improving the visual look of cars at the Bullring. Charlie had a top five finish in his second time around in the Grand American Modifieds. Stoney Gray won the Dash.

The Pinto Bean took his first victory in the chargers since Casey Kingsland drove it in the Mini Stocks last year. Doug Davenport drove the Pinto around the track without hardly a challenge. What was disturbing is that lapped traffic refused to move over for the leaders even though flagman John Higley tried repeadedly showing them the move over for leaders flag. Culprits of this insolence were the 100 of Red Turner, the 30 of Don Sargent who spun in the beginning of the main, and others. Pat Petrie was a strong second, Petrie was celebrating a year since his new lease on life. A year ago Pat Petrie senior collapsed from a heart attack in the tech area after the race, the emergence crews worked on him for 5 minutes before they had restored his heart beat.

Finally the Late Models had a diminished field with only 20 cars on the starting grid. Casey Kingsland was a no show, his car of course demolished in the fiery crash two weeks ago. Chris Clyne was a no show due to sickness, Dick Cobb who was in the pits helping out other cars. Rick Cobbs #44, the 93 of Richard Bridges who was involved in the crash with Casey, and Duane Smith and others. However sportsman truck driver Thane Alderman did make a start in the Late Model race in the #1 car, unfortunately his car did not make it very far as it was involved in one of several accidents. Ken Holt was said had a new car and was very fast in Friday night practice but he lost the drivers side panel on lap 6, as the 01 of Billy Newman, the 16 of Jerry Spilsbury, #8X of Wade Frey, and the 1 of Thane Alderman got involved in a pile up. Rick Rochelle who had an early lead was passed by Jason Alllen on lap 10 while Kyle Busch was moving his way through the field after being placed in 10th spot due to an inverted field. After Wayne Jacks spins Kyle Busch moves into second position with Rochelle, Ray Hooper Jr. and Rich Attisani filling out the top 5. On lap 20 the 97.1 of Darren Michels, the 40 of Lance Magin and 14 of Rick Chelberg get together bunching up the field. On lap 25 Kyle takes over the lead and Attisani follows the sample placing Allen in Third. Wayne Jacks and the 13 car of Barry Bradshaw spin causing the last yellow. On the restart Jason Allen reclaims the second spot and holds on. Kyle finishes first for his six win. When announcer Curtis Pilgreen commenting on Kyles 9,450 dollar purse for winning in the trucks on Friday if we could borrow some money, Kyle replied:I dont have none, It went to Roush. Also Kyle received the Nickname Shrub being the younger Busch in Indianapolis, upon which Kyle commented that he was two inches taller than Kurt.

Chuck Trickle won the Heat race for the Late Models.


Tom Youmans checks up on Sargent and Swalwell after crash.

#24 spins in charger race

#36 slams wall and comes across track.

safety crew come to assist 36


Justin waters spin cause an accident that caused Shelby Bailey to flip Hayli Rochelle.


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