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Welcome to the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Next at the Track... 2004 SCHEDULE coming soon 

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This website is dedicated and strives to inform the fans of automobile racing at the Bullring, the 3/8 paved oval at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. On this site you will find Driver information in all the categories, and links to some of their websites. You will find out about the Nascar weekly Racing series and the search for the Sunbelt points championship. The site will feature articles on the events held at the bullring, as well as point standings information and lots of photos.

The new look of 71 Kyle Huender
On may 31st we premiered our new look for Kyle's Bando.

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Race results on the Standings/Schedule and Stats page

The latest information on changes for 2003.

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Let's go road racin'
The road course season will on december 13 and 14, 2003, for the Legends, Thunder Roadsters and Bandoleros. The INEX sanctioned event was extremely popular last year, with some of the most exciting racing seen in years. Cars came from several western states to compete in the Silver state. The road course season consists of 5 weekends, a total of ten points races one weekend a month between December and April.
The season makes use of two tracks at the Las vegas Motor Speedway. The inside course, inside the super speedway, and an outside track situated between the speedway and the 3/8 mile bullring. The outside course has seen renovations in the summer months, and has been extended, offering some new track variations.
The season opener will be held at the Outside track, on December 13, gates open at 8 or 8:30AM. Racing usually continues all day till 3PM.


Final Results

How did the Vegas drivers

do in the National INEX Points.

Bandolero Bandits division

(90 drivers)


Austin Murphy   7th

Broc Murphy               14th

Connor Kassik             16th

Sarah Chelberg           21st

Brandon Oxborrow       29th 

Colin Flynn                84th


Bandolero Young Guns Division

(114 drivers)


Jonathan Mawhinney  11th

Kyle Huender            18th

Andrew Murphy        37th

Gina Yentes             49th

Nicole Booth            77th


Legends Semi pro (633 drivers)


Alex Haase               5th

Jimmy Parker Jr.        11th

Joey Mogar              17th

Tom Lovelady           18th

Taylor Barton           24th

Dustin Ash               25th

Shawn Szep             42nd

Matt Mawhinney       79th

Joshua Gross            82nd

Matt Daly                105th

Daniel Parker            117th

James Montes          121st

Mike Anderson          129th

Jerry Jones              134th


Legends  Young Lions


Alex Haase               4th

Jimmy parker Jr.         6th

Tom Lovelady           10th

Joey Mogar              11th

Dustin Ash               13th

Josh Gross               32nd


Legends Pro (282 drivers)


Michael Fredericks     25th

Robbie Guevara        47th

B.J. Bollman             61th

Spencer Clark           74th

Jovon Halen             95th

John Burrit               117th

Chris Clyne              123rd


Legends Masters (447 drivers)


Rick Rogas               1st

Dennis Lovelady        5th

Ed Hohman              11th

Craig Stewart           33rd

Fletch Hammond       40th

James Galza             42nd

Steve Legg              46th

Ken Neff                  77th

Bobby Ruppert          98th


Thunder Roadsters 


David Green             1st

Mike Montes            2nd

Matt Ross                3rd

Dale Dlugos              4th

Paul Green               8th

John Thomsen 10th

Rudolph Bowman       17th

Richard Rusin           20th

Thomas Green 21st

Barry Yost               22nd

Ronald Deprau 24th

Roger Hocking 26th

Stoney Grey            28th

Scott Montes           36th


 Congratulations to all the drivers for a great season

600Racing West Announces Road Course Season 2004
The 2004 Silver State Championship Cup Series at Las Vegas Motor Speedway will be held on the following dates: begins DEC 13&14, Jan 10&11, Feb 14&15, Mar 13&14, April 3&4. The exciting racing series will be increased from 8 races to 10 races for 2004. Mark your calendars and plan on competing in this great racing event. Further information will be available in the next few months.

Fred Meis
Attention Racers......

Las Vegas Motor Speedway has announced the addition of a new road course. The existing outside road course will be expanded to 2.39 miles. This will allow a total of 5 new configurations for your racing pleasure.
The Silver State Championship Cup will begin its 10 race series on this new
course in December. More information will be forthcoming as it becomes

Fred Meis

Steve Anderson converted his fast car into a pile
of fiery rubble at the Classic.

Mike Cofer, Scotty Gafforini, Jason Allen set the
initial pace for the Classic

Check maps to road courses at LVMS on this website. Clink on this link to Fast Freddie's driving schools, then click to PDF file on top of page where it says road courses...

Congratulations to all the Championship winners of 2002.
Thane Alderman, Glenn Burke, David Anderson, Andrew Murphy, Travis Swalwell, Stoney gray and Darren Rollins.

Thane Alderman wins again!
Alderman is on his way to Bullring championship.

For the latest news click on the link below to our news article index.

Standings and Stats



lv local racing scene

LV LOCAL RACING SCENE. the best local racing coverage.

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The Inside road course at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
offers great competetive action (photo Fast freddies)

This website is also dedicated to my son Kyle, an avid fan of Automobile racing and the sport has given us a common ground to explore our relationship as father and son. The site is an extension to this relationship as we both work and contribute to the site.He is my score keeper, and he also knows every driver. Click on Kyle's page to see how fanatic a racing fan he is.

LV71 Racing Motorsport


My son Kyle has joined the league of Bandolero drivers. We acquired Justin Waters 95J car, and hope to race next season.He will be driving with the number 71 a tribute to his favorite driver Jason Allen.