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Las Vegas Racing
People at the Track.


People at the Track.
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A look at the people that make racing at the Bullring an event not to miss. From the drivers to the photographers, the organizers to the fans, short insights in to their lives.

Greg Rivero, LVMS photographer.

CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! He shoots quickly catching a moment of speed and furor and permanently makes it stand still. Yet the pictures show the speed as the background is blurred, he follows the action around, hoping to capture that exact moment when things go out of hand on the race track. The fierce moment where a car may touch the wall, or gets together with another car are still the most requested shots in the media, next would be the celebration in victory lane or that photo finish ending to a great race.

Greg Rivero steps on his bicycle and peddles through the infield for another advantage point. He has his favorites, the starter box is one, and he spends a lot of time on the back stretch just watching what comes out of turn 2. He also likes this angle as cars come out from pit road, they have not gained that much speed and the car looks sharper. From the infield I get up closer but it is also harder to frame as the car speeds in and out of my viewfinder in fractions of a second. This is a great challenge. He enjoys the starter box because it gives him an advantage. He is able to be on top of the track, right at the start/finish line the cars look great from this angle showing of the main sponsor on the hood, but at the same rate he does not want to get in the way of flagman John Higley.

Overall Greg is a very passive photographer he never gets in the way, he is not a paparazzi kind of intrusive person, but he is usually there at the right moment. It is easy to see that he has a great eye for the sport his photos grace the Las Vegas Motor Speedway website and his photo galleries on the Bullring are a wonderful memory of the days excitement. It is easy to understand that some of his best customers are the drivers themselves who often ask Greg for a copy of his pictures that feature a moment in their racing careers. Especially when it comes down to the victory circle celebrations.

When you see a man on a bicycle with a khaki jacket on, and several cameras dangling around his neck say hi, and thank you for the memories, keep up the great work.
Thanks Greg Rivero.

Las Vegas Racing provides mostly their own photos whenever possible but it would not look the same if it wasnt for many close ups and portraits of the drivers and their cars. The remaining photos on our site are provided courtesy of LVMS, John Bisci and the drivers. And of course the ever roaming and always in the right place Greg Rivero.

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