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The Rumor Mill, the silly season at the Bullring


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The Rumor Mill, the silly season at the Bullring
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Don't say we did not tell you so.

Dick Cobb drove a #27 Spiderman car
The car was formerly Ken Holt's ride.

Dan Fitzgerrald Mod ride shows a little more
yellow this year.

Darren Michels car has a slight resemblance Vegas
Champ Kurt Busch.

A 3rd Murphy, Broc enters the Bando field in 2003.
Joining brothers Andrew and Austin Murphy.

Silly Season 2002-03, changes and updates.



Silly season 2002-03 has begun at the Bullring and we are seeing drivers change divisions, sporting new paint jobs and flashing new sponsors. Spencer Clark still drove the Speed truck at the Silver State classic taking a third place, but the legends have been advertised for sale, no word if they have been sold. But Spencer has bought the #3 car from the  Steve Rzesnowiecky team, and will make the switch to late models. No word on the plans of the former occupant of the #3 Cindy Clarks future plans for 2003.

            Darren Michaels is sporting a somewhat new look with the Go Fast sponsor on board of the 97.1 car. Darren also has a trendy motor home that looks like a massive advertising billboard for Go Fast drink. Darren Michaels will also take his car onto the featherlite Southwest tour. Looks like Jason Allen may come back home to the track that made him a champion, as well as the number that gave him the 2001 Bullring track championship and the Rookie of the Year award. Jason had a very fast qualifying run,and many laps up front at the Silver State classic driving the familiar #71 fluorescent orange and white Pontiac Grand Prix.

            Travis Swallwell and Guy Griebel are two Charger drivers who will try to make it in the (super) late model division each premiering their ride in the Fall classic. Guy is driving a yellow #13 late model, and Travis a white with fluorescent red /orange trim along the bottom, sporting the familiar # 98. David Anderson has been moonlighting in the Late model in the latter part of the season, and will sport the #33 for a full season in 2003. Dad Steve Anderson failed to qualify in the fall classic but set a blistering pace in the c-main coming from last to second, unfortunately he was involved in a fiery crash at the end of the B main and it destroyed the #32.

             #9 Michael Ayers was let go earlier in the season from the Rzesnowiecky stable, but brought a green late model  to the classic, and drove it from the C main to the A main. It is uncertain if Lance Magin #40 will come back for 2003. Lance was involved in some nasty crashes earlier in the season, and sat out the remainder.

            Dow Woerner another former  legend driver presented his new late model ride. It is unknown at this time if some of these driver will opt for the former Outlaw division or actually move into the saturated field of Super Late Models for 2003. The visual differences between the two divisions are beginning to narrow, as several cars sport Late model style bodies and will have the somewhat confusing name change next season. Outlaws will become late model, and Late models will become Super Late Models. Go Figure!

            The IMCA modified field will undoubtedly become bigger with the promise of a full season at the Bullring with the return of drivers that shunned the track for the decision to reduce the popular division to a couple of sideshow attractions on both the Bullring and the Dirt track. Charlie Wahl who had an excellent 2002 racing at Irwindale. Will bring the #13 back to the Bullring and seek a hometown championship, he is sporting the green paintjob, with decals designed by his own graphix company Off the Wahl. #87 Dan Fitzgerrald is back and sports a slight change from his previous look designed by Charlie Wahl. It still sport the yellow and blue, but the emphasis is on the yellow now instead of the blue. Ken Kulikowski, former outlaw driver set some fast qualifying lap in a Modified at the Fall Classic, no word on if he will continue in the Outlaws.

            Some changes in the Bandolero division, as several drivers will make the move to Legends. Looks like Kevin Terrell will make the chance as the family was ogling a new arrival at 600 racing during the Truck series race in October. Tom Lovelady showed some very quick moves in his fathers #2 legend in practices at the end of the Bullring season, as well as practice in the Road Course races in September. Watch out for this 2002 Nevada Bandolero Young Guns champion. Josh gross has been in the Bandos for almost four years, they have bought a Legend, and he has tested in the car, but will have to wait for his birthday early in the year to drive in the legends races at the Bullring. With a lot of young blood in the Legends is would be a smart idea for the Bullring to start dividing the Legends into two divisions. Bear Rzesnowiecky will stepped out of the Bandoleros, he has sold the two cars and will move fulltime into the karting circuit for 2003. No word on Eric Chelberg who had a chance for the track championship but had numerous set backs towards the end of the season as he was involved in several wrecks.

The Murphy brothers Andrew and Austin will be joined by the youngest addition Broc  Murphy who will drive #76 Walsma Oil sponsored green and black Bando. Brocs car is Tom Loveladys #2 bandolero.

2002 #9 Mike Ayers had to find a new ride for 2003

Scotty Gafforini had a great year in 2002, and wil
try to win the elusive championship in 2003.

Mike Ayers new colors, the Green Menace or Goblin
is fast, but caused plenty of damage to fellow drivers.

Travis Swallwell, showed off his new ride in the
classic . Looking for sponsors on those white surfaces.

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