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The legends are an Exciting addition to any racing event.



Justin Johnson with his 2002 edition of the #8J.

Justin Johnson in the #8J, with new paintscheme for 2002, the car has a matching toolbox that attaches to the back of the legend.

Charlie Wahl in the 79 legends is charging hard this year, he also has the best paint job.

Charging Charlie Wahl

Kyle and Kurt Busch, are two of the hottest names on the track. Kyle is last year's champ in the Legends, and Kurt used to drive the 64 legend at the Bullring before moving on to bigger and better things. he is a rookie in the Winston cup now.

The Busch Brothers. Kyle driver of the 4 legend and 04 Late Model is following in his brothers footsteps. He has won the 2000 Legend championship and his first time out in a late model this year score him a victory, something his brother had done before. Brother Kurt Busch is in the big League driving his rookie season in the Nasacr Winston Cup for the Rousch Racing team. He drives the 97 Sharpie/Rubber maid car. Last year Kurt in the Craftman truck series for Rousch and came second in the points. His teammate Craig Biffle won the championship.





Want to drive a legend, bandolero or Thunder roadster. Call Fred Meis at 600 RACING WEST (702)643-4286.
Test drives and classes available.