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Racing does not have to be for Grown-ups...


Bandolero Heat, in the front is Justin Waters, now Kyle's car.



My son Kyle is driving the #71 bandolero this year.


David Ross #57 from California comes from the midgets series to drive Legends and Bandos in 2002.


Joey Mogar drives the #26 Bandolero. Joey is the champion in 2001. He will move to the Legends next season.

This championship car is FOR SALE!
Contact Mike Mogar at 396-4567.
or e-mail:
The car comes with tons of extras.

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Alex Haase is the one to beat with five wins at the track this year. He drives the #66 bandolero, his dad Greg Haase drives the #66 Modified. Alex has sold his Bandolero to Andrew Murphy #70 and has been racing his #66 Legend.


A group of Bandos at the Bullring, including Chris Clark (5), Pat Clark (11), Hayli Rochell (26X) and the No 2 of Tom Lovelady.

Bear holds of Josh gross in Bando battle (8/31/01)

Bear Resznowiecky holds off a challenge by Josh Gross and Tom Lovelady in a friday night Bandolero race. Photo By Peter Huender

Brian Kizer gives Kyle some instructions

Brian Kizer crew chief of Jason Allen, gives driving instructions to Kyle.

Kevin terrell adjust the Harness

Kevin Terrell drives the 23 Bando at the BUllring but helps out at 600 racing. Here he helps kyle out of the Bandolero.

On the Back stretch

Moving along the Back Stretch, the Bandoleros are a fun, safe,entertaining and affordable entry level into racing.

Kyle getting settled in seat

The Helmet may seem a little big, but its a sure way to protect the noggin.

Kyle gets seat time at 600 Racing class!


Kyle Huender took the required class for rookies that 600 racing offers. The class gives driving instructions by following some of the champion drivers around an inside track at the Super Speedway.Lots of seat time which is essential to feeling comfortable in the car, and with the controls. Kyle's instructors were Legend Champ Spencer Clark, and Late Model driver Steve Anderson.



Justin Johnson tore up the track to win the championship in 2000, now he has moved up to the Legends and has been running very strong. Watch out he will be the one to beat.

Kevin Terrell in winner circle. photo courtesy of LVMS

Kevin Terrell will be a strong contender for the 2002 track championship.

The Bandolero cars are a affordable stepping stone in to the exciting world of auto racing. True that Go-Carts may be more affordable but the Bandoleros add a sense of safety for concerned parents. The Bandoleros can be driven from the age of eight, and has really no age limit. The sporty looking fiberglass body is the first sense of safety, underneath the car has a full tube frame with a rollcage is the most important feature, and is what makes the difference. This is not a Go Cart. Added to this is a standard five-point harness taht straps the driver tight into the specially constructed racing seat.

The Bandolero is a spec car, the 30 HP Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine (570CC) is sealed, meaning that all cars have the same motor plant and few have an edge other than drivers knowledge, and weight. The fact that the engine is sealed makes this also a plus for those people that don't know how to change their own tire, although changing tires is something you might have to learn.

At the Bullring, Las Vegas Motor Speedway ther eis a field of about twelve cars, and it seems to grow steadily. if you are interested in test driving a Bandolero, Legend or Thunder roadster contact Fred Meis at 600 racing west: Phone number (702)643-4386 or visit Http:// for more information. test drives run $40 dollars for ten laps.


Josh Gross has been driving for almost three years he has entered into many racing events around the US.


#70 Andrew Murphy from California hopes to drive most of the races at the Bullring in 2002. He has several years of experience in other types of race cars. Yes folks this is Alex Haase's former ride he drove to like 7 victories in 2001.

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Testing a Bandolero without getting shot!

600 racing offers a test drive and driving class this is an insider account of a test drive taken the summer of 2001.

Kyle getting to close to the grass.

The sun was beating on the pavement, even though it was early in the day it promised to be a scorcher. We approached the 600 Racing Trailer and drivers Justin Johnson and Kevin Terrell came up to us hands stretch out to greet us. Both young men drive at the Bullring, the 3/8-mile oval at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, but offer their assistance at 600 Racing, a company that builds three specific race cars geared to the entrée level racer. The Bandolero is a sporty looking GT model geared as the first step for young drivers. The 30 horse Power car can be driven from age 8, and has no age limit. The Legend is a small version of the hot rods and cars from the mid 30's. The most recent addition to the 600 racing stable is the Thunder Roadster a open wheeled race car that looks much like the cigar model of the old formula race cars. All three cars were on display and available for test drives. This was our reason for the visit, to give my son Kyle a test drive in a Bandolero car. He has been wishing and hoping to become a race car driver and with great anticipation his wishes came true. The test drive was given on a small test track right on the inside of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Justin who drives a Legend but started out in a Bandolero, and Kevin who bagged a double win just a few weeks ago in de Bando's were joined by Brian Kizer. Kizer is the crew chief for late model driver Jason Allen and last but not least Fred Meis, who runs the Las Vegas operation of 600 Racing, properly named 600 Racing West from the small office in the Business Park adjoining the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Kyle was ready he had his Kids race against drugs t-shirt on he had received in one of his first racing outing, and his cap signed by various drivers from Brendan Gaughan, Sean Woodsford, to Charlie Wahl. Brian Kizer gave Kyle instructions as Justin Johnson adjusted the oversized helmed. The instructions were simple here is the gas, there is the brake, and observe his directions as to when to stop. Kyle then stepped through the roof flap into the Bando and Justin and Kevin strapped him in the five-point harness. His foot already heavy on the gas took him out of the pits and into turn one. He picked up a steady speed, and his first lap was promising, and quite fast. On his return to turn one he got a little loose, his back coming out from underneath him, but he steered in the right direction and the car evened out. By now he was driving pretty fast, but on previous laps he had come out high out of turn four and on the third lap he was so close to the grass that he stepped on the brakes and turned the car around twice, landing in the grassy area. As Kizer, and Fred Meis ran to help him he had already fired up the car and pulled it out of the grass back onto the track, before Kizer could give him any more pointers. This is where a 2-way radio system could help, but not essential in test drives.

The spin may have put some fear into the young testdriver as his laps became considerably slower, following the groove of black tire rubber on the track. He lapped and lapped at a comfortable pace getting the feel of the tiny race car. The Test drives consist of 10 laps, and those laps are over before you know it. Meis who had seen the initial speed Kyle had driven around the track followed by the conservative laps after the spin, suggested that Kizer stopped Kyle and told him to give it two more fast laps around the track, and taking turn three closer to the cone. He never regained the speed of the initial laps. Driving into the pits he was helped out of the car. Taking of the helmet and slapping the grass from his shirt, Kevin joked: "Thanks for mowing the lawn, Kyle". Kyle was somewhat over-heated but he certainly had not lost any interest in becoming a race car driver.

We informed ourselves about the classes, and Fred Meis told us that the classes include a one-hour classroom time, and about 70 laps on the track, with intervals for instructions on improving the consistency, the driving and lap times. He told us that this was enough time to learn the essentials, but most importantly it gives you a feel of the cars, too much and you will get bored. He also said that for those that purchase the cars there is a discount on the class, as well as special Wednesday night test and tunes at the Bullring. Regular test and tune on Friday nights gets busy, and the time to practice for beginners can be quite intimidating when the regulars come streaming by on both sides. The Wednesday Test and tune is just for beginners, and their time to get a grip of the things the car they drive does, and what the track has to offer. Kyle experience other than the spin was a positive one, and he wishes he was still lapping around at this time.

If you are interested in a test drive, they are offered once a month, contact Fred Meis at 600 Racing West (702) 643-4386. Or come by the office on 6825 Speedway Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89115. The offices are of the main entrance to the Speedway from I-15 East, in the business center. 600 Racing also has race cars for sale, or visit the website at Http://

Hayli Rochelle and Shelby Bailey Photo courtesy of LVMS

Shelby Bailey and Hayli rochelle don't let anything come between their friendship, not even a competition or a bad crash. Photo courtesy of LVMS.

Kyle is showing off his new look.
Thanks Charlie Wahl for the #'s, dad for the paint job!


Andrew Murphy took his 3rd win at the Lucas Oil Speedway.




A tight group of Bandoleros ride along the 3/8 oval at the Bullring.Up front Joey Mogar and Alex Haase battle for the 2001 championship.

Photos courtesy of LVMS, the drivers, and Peter Huender.


Call Fred Meis at 600Racing West for a test drive.
702- 643-4386